terena networking conference 2009


Prototype for the interoperability between FEDERICA slices and other IP domains by means of the IPsphere Framework

This paper presents a prototype that implements the specifications of the IPshpere framework (a service abstraction and composition Framework for collaboration between providers) in order to demonstrate how a service provider can requests services that involve different network administrative domains. This is demonstrated under the scope of FEDERICA FP7 project (an e-infrastructure for researchers on Future Internet).and by using its experimental infrastructure resources. The implementation shows how different network services can be published and instantiated from different domains/slices to provide a unique inter-domain service. This prototype is able to communicate with the FEDERICA IP slice service provided by MANTICORE and the SRC management Juniper SRC device.



  • Josep Pons Camps
  • Sergi Figuerola
  • Eduard Grasa