terena networking conference 2009


An Infocard-based proposal for unified single sing on

Single sign on (SSO) access to services has risen as a major concern for federated environments. We can think of eduroam an eduGAIN as two major examples of this. Given that both architectures usually are deployed in a common security domain, it could be interesting to explore ways to bring both worlds together, that is, to find a way to get access as we get access to the network services. The processs could be greatly simplified if a way is devised to unify both accesses what has been called unified Single Sing On (uSSO). In this work, based on and related to some provious work carried on GÉANT project, we propose a novel framework to provide uSSO in that environment with minor modifications to existing deployments employing Infocard Technology.



  • Enrique de la Hoz
  • Antonio García
  • Diego R. López
  • Samuel Muñoz