terena networking conference 2009


Support infrastructure - "Monitoring and management of (multi-)domain networks"

With computer networks increasing in complexity there is a need to provide tools and processes to monitor and manage networks both within and across domains, to assure network performance and best use of resources. This session looks at three solutions to the different challenges of providing operational support for network services, aimed at maximising use of resources and network performance. It will look at I-SHARE, an information and tracking tool for network operations teams; cNIS, a tool for modelling and managing a network’s topology; and how declarative pathfinding in multi-domain multi-layer networks can be used to solve the general Grid resource co-allocation problem in finding an end-to-end path.

Presentations in this session
I-SHARe – a process support tool for Multi-Domain Services
Matthias K. Hamm
cNIS - modelling and interacting with a real life network
Marcin Wolski
Declarative Pathfinding in Multi-domain Multi-layer Networks
Li Xu