terena networking conference 2009


Support Infrastructure

There many applications that will ask for 100Gbps connections in short. Those in the GRID context or High-Performance Computing are already demanding fast transfer of Petebyte files and even HDTV, file sharing, internet exchange points...are the driving factors for this speed. But not only capacity will improve the research support, also the user control of network resources will provide the flexibility to dynamically establish point-to-point lightpaths by the researcher.
This session will explore the 100Gbps technology with the two first presentations. The last one will show the new user-controlled ligthpath service launched by SURFnet.

Presentations in this session
Applying Photonic Integration Technologies for Scaling of Next-Generation Intelligent Optical Networks and 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Services
Geoff Bennett
100 Gb/s DWDM InfiniBand Transport over up to 40 km
Klaus Grobe
Dynamic lightpaths at SURFnet: from pilot to production
Gerben van Malenstein